A Message without a Code (2016)

A Message without a Code (2016) – Featuring works by Andrea Creamer & Alize Zorlutuna, Deborah Edmeades, Curtis Grahauer, Brennan Kelly, Anchi Lin and Jaime Williams, with performances by Alanna Ho & Paul Lucas and Jesse Fernandez.

Curated by Lauren Lavery and Adriana Lademann as part of official launch for Peripheral Review Magazine (www.peripheralreview.com)

Deborah Edmeades (2016) left; Jaime Williams (2016) right. Photo: Lauren Lavery
Brennan Kelly (2016) Photo: Lauren Lavery
Foreground: Andrea Creamer & Alize Zorlutuna (2015); Background: Deborah Edmeades; Jaime Williams. Photo: Lauren Lavery
Curtis Grahauer (2015) Photo: Lauren Lavery
(Installation view) Photo: Lauren Lavery
Anchi Lin (2016) Photo: Lauren Lavery
Anchi Lin (2016) – detail. Photo: Lauren Lavery

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